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J. D. Paris sworn says:
I am deputy sheriff I was deputy sheriff about 17 of  March. INDENTIFIES DFTS IN OPEN COURT. Have known them since the day we arrested them. Jesse Bryley and I arrested them out this side of Ivenhoe on the ______ Bayou road. They were abourt 8 miles north from Bonham. They were on horse back. Neither one had a saddle are had no bridle riding with ropes  Do not know where Dfts live- Mr Brily and Mr Ross and my self were present when Dfts were arrested.   At the time of the arrest I informed them for what they were wanted-Dft Fulfer had a pistol-Dft Driggers had no arms

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INDENTIFIES THE PISTOL IN COURT-as the one that Dft Fulfer had on him of arrest. The pistol had 2 or 3 cartridges in it when we got it. When we arrested Dfts I mentioned __________saying to them that any statement they might make could be used in evidence against them and not for _________.  Dfts both make a statement.  Mr. Driggers said that Suddereth came down to the field the day before and _____ him over the  field with a pole and the next morning he went down there fixed and that if he had it to do over -he would do what he did do and that he did what he aimed to do-We were all riding along together when Dft Driggers made this statement.

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Mr. Fulfer was riding with Jesse Briley I did not hear his statement.  Dfts were arrested the same day of the difficulty.

Mr. Briley lives in Raverna precinct No 7 Ravenea is 10 miles north from Bonham.

Mr Driggers said that if he had ______  to put into  the gun he would have killed.


This is all that I said to them as a warning: I mentioned the case to them where _______ He said that on the morning of difficulty Suddereth came to the fence and said what in the hell and duration does this mean.  Dft Driggers said his mother told he and Sudderth both to stand  back and Dft stopped. Suddereth then pulled opened his _____ and said

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God dam you you have not got the nerve to shoot and when he said this I shot. He said that after the donkey threw him down Sudderth turned on Dft Fulfer then Dft Fulfer shot him. After Dft Driggers got loose from the negro he got hold of the chopping axe and struck at Suddereth with axe-Mr Suddereth went one way and I went the other.


I dont recollect whether Dft Driggers stoled -whether Suddereth over the fence before or after the shooting Dft made this statement voluntarily withourt being questioned.

I expect to live in the couinty the remainder of this year.

J. D. Paris

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