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Milton Row's Statement 


I live 11 miles south of Bonham I live with Mr. Joe Suddereth. I was present at the time the difficulty occurred at the gap.  I was driving the wagon the norning we went up to the gap.   Mr Suddereth- his two children my Ernest and Mettie Suddereth- my wife Mollie Row were in the wagon.  When we got to the gap Mr Suddereth got out of the wagon and as he got out said Good Morning How do you all come out to Mrs. Driggers-E.J. Driggers-W.R. Fulfer and Chain Lynch. Chain Lynch was 20 or 30 steps from the gap. the rest were standing right at the gap.  Some seemed to be at work on fence some seemed to be stand around. Mr Suddereth said what does this mean

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Mrs. Driggers said the Devil havent-I got a right to put a fence on my land any where I want to. Mr  Suddereth said yes you have right to put a fence anywhere you want to but you have no right to fence me out from my gap--Mrs Driggers said you black son of a bitch you have been trying to run over us long enough and pointed toward a tree and E J Driggers jumped to get the gun from behind a tree and came walking back toward the fence and said Ill shoot hell out of you God dam you. Mr. Suddereth said you have the advantage of me Ed and when he said that the gun fired and hsot his hat off he grabbed his hat with his left hand and a pole with his right and jumped the fence and knocked Ed Driggers down.

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When he knocked Dft Driggers down -Dft Fulfer ran up and shot Suddereth in the back-shot with a pistol.

Suddereth then turned and knocked Dft Fulfer down. Then Dft Driggers jumped and started to shoot Suddereth again and I jumped on him and I said give up this gun. Mrs Driggers came and took hold of the gun too.  I raised them up and then mashed them down on the ground and laid down on the ground with them and broke the locks off the gun.   While we were down Mrs. Driggers got up and struck me in the back with a stick.  I then started to get hold of the pistol that Dft Fulfer had and left the gun with Dft Driggers and as I started for Dft Fufler Mrs Driggers struck me on the head with the gun.

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Dft Fulfer ran and I did not catch him--Dft Driggers left soon after. Fulfer left went across the field in a run toward Mrs Driggers house and as they started  Mrs Driggers said to Dfts now boys you have got in your work pull your freight.  When  the first shot was fired I saw Chain Lynch start off but dont know what become of him.

I saw the pistol and _______ a deadly weapon in the ________in which it was used. The gun is a Brittish Bull Dog.  The pistol in Court resembles the one Dft Fulfer had.
I think it will take a 38 or 44 cartridge ( the pistol in court is a "Brittish Bull Dog") Mr. Joe Suddereth had no arms. I never heard Mr. Suddereth say anything about expecting to have trouble that morning.

My wife, Mollie Row was in the wagon at this time of this difficulty  hold the horses.
Mr Suddereth got over the fence after he was shot

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My wife could see all shot happended from where she was sitting-I still live with Mr Suddereth and expect to live in Fannin County Texas the balance of the year.


I live at Leonard with Jim Smith efore I went to Mr. Suddereth to live. Live in Leonard about 8 months before I went to Suddereths. Came from Wood County to Leonard near Alby-2 miles west. Lived in Wood County 12 months. Came from Georgia to Wood County from near Dalton. I landed at Alba 2 years ago 16th of Jan 1889 is when I came here. I have never told any one what I was going to swear in this case. No one has ever spoken to me about ths case except the man I mentioned and I do not know his name. Never told any body about the case I

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remember Never told Mr Suddereth any thing about the case at all. Never told him what I was going to  swear.   I swear to this---Never told anyone about the case-all I told anyone that I was in the case. This is all in the world that I ever told anyone.

One the morning of difficulty when the wagon stopped Mr Suddereth got out and Suddereth said Good Morning.  than you all come out. The parties on the inside of fence said aye just tolerable. E J Driggers was about 4 or 5 steps from the gun when he started to get it. It wasnt much further from the fence than it was from E J Driggers. To the best of my recollection no  one _____ then at the gap but Ed Driggers. The pole that Suddereth had was about 4 or 5 feet long and about as big as a mans arm. Never heard anyone cursing on Monday evening when we were going home. Could have heard it-I can hear well.

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When Ed Driggers cocked the gun the second time I was sitting in the wagon and I jumped out and ran 15 or 20 steps and caught the gun and prevented him from shooting.

I was sitting in the wagon when Dft Fulfer shot Suddereth in the back.   While I was pulling the locks off the gun- Fulfer fired further shots-I saw all of this - saw Fulfer fire the 2 last shots.


I had reference to outside parties where I stated that I had never talked to anyone about this case and not reference to the attorney. I did not tell anyone what I was going to swear.

                                   Milton Row