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Mollie Row's Statement 

Mollie Row sworn says:

My name is Mollie Row. I am the wife of Milton Row--INDENTIFIES DEFTS IN OPEN COURT-- I live with Mr. Joe Suddereth-I was present the morning of the difficulty. I was sitting in the wagon facing them. Those present were Mr. Suddereth, Mr Row, Mrs Suddereth two children, Defts Driggers and Fulfer, Chain Lynch Mrs. Driggers. We had started to plant corn in the widow Lynch's field. The Dfts were not doing anything-there was a fire at the gap.  Mr. Row was driving the wagon when they drove up. Mr. Suddderth said Good Morning Sudderth says "Mrs Driggers what does this mean trying to fence me out from my gap. Mrs. Driggers said the Devil havent I got a right to put a fence on my land.

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anywhere I want to. Mrs. Driggers says you dam son of a bitch you have been trying to run over us long enough--we came here this morning prepared for you. When she said strick- Dft Driggers broke for the gun and said Ill shoot hell out of you Suddereth said Ed you have the advantage of me and when he said that the gun fired. Mr Suddereth was on the outside of fence when the gun fired about 10 ft from the fence. When the gun fired it blew his hat off-he grabbed it in his left and a stick in his right-jumped the fence knocked Driggers down Mrs Driggers struck at him as he climbed the fence. When he knocked him down- Dft Fulfer shot him in the back-  he then knocked Fulfer down. I saw the pistol it was a short pistol.

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Dft Fulfer shot him 3 times-The pistol looked a good deal like the one in court-While Suddereth and Dft Fulfer were scuffling- Milton Row grabbed the gun. Mrs. Driggers caught the gun- after Milton Row caught it. Milton got them down on the ground-he lay down with them and broke the locks off the gun. When Milton started toward Deft Fulfer Mrs Driggers struck he, Milton with the gun. When Milton started to Mr. Fulfer he made 2 grabs at the pistol and did not get it. Dft Fulfer broke and ran. Mr Driggers had gone too. Mr Suddereth was shot 4 times Mr Driggers shot him with a shot gun- Mr Fulfer with a pistol.  Mr Driggers shot him once- Fulfer 3 times. Fulfer took his pistol from his back pocket I think.

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After the difficulty Mr Suddereth _____ he ran toward home. Mr Sudderth did not have pistol or gun.  Had nothing in his had when ge got out of the wagon. Expect to stay in Fannin County this year will be living in Fannin County in August.


Nobody ever talked with me about this case never talked with Mr Suddereth never told him what I was going swear or what I knew never talked to any one living about it.  Mr Suddereth has Milton and me both hired on now live oat his house. Mr Suddereth never cursed or such  there at all on that ground. Dfts Fulfer and Driggers cursed.  Mr Suddereth talked to them kindly all the time.  Mrs. Driggers cursed also.  Mr Suddereth seemed  to be in a good humor all the time.  MR Suddereth got out of wagon to talk to them he never intended to lay the fence down.

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The stick Suddereth had was a little stem as his stick with bark off about the size of my wrist. Never told a human being anything about this case. I swear to this to no man nor woman. I am  a positive about this as any facts  I ve sworn to--

I am very forgetful I cant remember things well--The gun was about 10 or 15 steps from the fence when E J. Driggers started to get it.  He Dft-went and got the gun and came back and stood up right against the fence and shot Suddereth. Suddereth had not said anything unkind to him-he never said an unkind word during this whole

I have talked to Mr Mead about what I knew about this case.

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Her X Mark
Mollie Row