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William Driggers Jr.
August 25, 1872 


And by the Authority of The State of Texas

THE GRAND JURORS For the State of Texas, duly impaneled,
charged, and sworn

to inquire into, and true presentment make of all offences committed
in the County of

Fannin, upon their Oath, Present in the District Court for said County

and State, that Wm Driggers, Jr.

late of said County and State, on the 25th day of August

in the year of our Lord, One Thousand, Eight Hundred and Seventy Two, with

force and arms in the County of Fannin and State aforesaid, did

undainfully and wilfully disturb by loud and vociferous

talking, cursing, and swearing, a certain congregation assembled

together for religious worship at Oak Hill Church.  Said

congregation then and there conducting themselves in a  lawful

manner - against the peace and diginty of the State.-

Sand Mc Farland
Foreman of the Grand Jury

L. G. Smith
                  Dist. Atty.}

No.  1264                                   Filed in Open Court
                                        Sept -11 - 1872
The State of Texas                                   Charles Delp
          VS                                               Dist Clerk
Wm Driggers, Jr.                              By G. W. Blair, Dpty

__it. Reg. Worship."

A True Bill
Sand Mc Farland


____ Davis

___P. Cobb

___uly Armstrong

Dist. Atty