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E. F. Landress 


Have known them about 4 or 5 years am on good terms with Defts Fulfer and Driggers. Had a talk with Deft Driggers and Fulfer 3 or 4 weeks before the difficulty on my  place. Deft Fulfer said that we had run one man off the widow Lynchs place and that no man would cultivate it by God if we can help it-his was in the presence and hearing of Dft Driggers. Not a word was said about Mr Suddereth at that time. I live 11 miles south of Bonham. Expect to live in this county the rest of this year. I passed by this new piece of ground shot over taken in the day after the fight. I think there was about half acre. The fence had been  moved.  ______  ______ to take in the bar leading into Mrs Lynchs farm.

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The land West and South of the little strip is know as Mrs. Driggers land.  Little strip has been hacked over.  There is no way we road around the strip that was taken in . The strip referred to is where the difficulty took place.


My wife is a cousin of Mr. Suddereth. From the NE corner of the strip _____ of the bar leading into Mrs. Lynchs farm is not more thant 10 or 15 ft.

The strip of land taken in is about 25 or 30 wide North and South. It is longer East and West than North and South.

                              E. L. Landress