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Kith and Kin 

This site is dedicated to William David Driggers and his descendents. Their life, their love, their legency will live one in each of us.


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Please contribute to the site by submitting obituaries and news articles.   Contact Vanessa DeShazer  or Lee Driggers to submit information or to report any broken  links on site. All suggestions are welcome.
If you are not already a member of the Driggers Website, contact Gena Forsyth and request you password. This is a site for all  Driggers descendents to submit and share information and get to know each other.  

A special thank you to Jim Driggers, who sent me my very first picture of my gggrandfather James Madison Driggers and family report  which inspired me to learn the computer and search for my family, and to Lee and Bill Driggers for aiding me in  my contant questions about this family. To Bonnie Allen and her sister Nancy for all the leg work to  cemeteries, courts houses, libraries, funeral homes, etc.
Maybe together we can solve the mystery; "Who is William David's Father?".

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